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Instructions to re-dress and reinvent your style


After spending weeks in isolation in the comfort of our favorite sweatpants and pajama sets on our couch at home, we slowly began to settle into this new normal of going back out and back to work. However, after getting used to a more comfortable and relaxed way of dressing, I can't help but feel somewhat lost when it comes to looking at my closet and trying to choose something to wear.

Not only did the world out there change, I also changed and therefore I no longer connect with the way I used to dress and I feel the persistent need to make a change. Perhaps before it used to be influenced by trends and what I found in stores, today I feel completely involved with taking action in the transformation that the planet needs, starting with consuming locally and sustainably. So let's dive into these recommendations of local Mexican brands where you can find clothes and accessories that project your new you ...

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